Replacing the Economic Safety Net with a Productive Home

The current economic safety net consists of the following:

  • Government programs.
  • Savings, investments, real estate, and pensions.
  • Family.

That worked for a while.  However, the situation has changed.  The old safety net has been shredded:

  • Government insolvency.
  • Market volatility and financial corruption has wiped out investments/pensions/home values/savings.
  • The family has unbundled.  It’s being forced apart.

What can be done?  We could build something new, something more valuable than a safety net.  We need a method of dealing with economic volatility in a way that allows families to achieve the American Dream.

The best way to do this is to rethink the American home.  A home that provides us with some economic bedrock to rest upon, and a foundation for future success.   We need a home that:

  • Pays for itself (the biggest expense we have, by far, goes to zero)
  • Supports us with basic services (food, energy, warmth, etc.)
  • Provides us an easy bootstrap to new income generation and recovery (micro-businesses)

A home like that is an economic dynamo.  It’s not something you use only when you fail (like a safety net), it’s something you use to accelerate success since all of the features that make it great for recovery also help you get ahead.

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Discussion — 3 Responses

  • Javier November 2, 2013 on 12:06 am

    ok, so how does it pay for itself?
    does it pay the mortgage?
    or is the a new american home
    a mortgage free home too?

    • John Robb Javier November 4, 2013 on 4:34 pm

      Getting to that. Trying to define the concept a bit more. All in good time. JR


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