Direct Economy in Action: Mushroom Micro Farming


Here’s an interesting example of the direct economy in action.   A couple of entrepreneurs I know wanted to build a mushroom business in part of a home they own.  They do their research and feel it is a business they would have fun running, particularly since they plan to use coffee grounds and spent hops from local businesses as a growing medium.

In order to do it, they need some funds to build a “clean room” and growing facility that’s necessary for the production process.  To finance it, they go to Kickstarter to pitch potential customers on the value of grow your own mushroom kits.

The idea of supporting a smart team on their path towards the achievement of the American Dream was something that appealed to me.  Further, the idea of growing mushrooms in my kitchen sounded like fun, particularly since I like to eat/cook with fresh mushrooms.  To top it all off, it made economic sense. This kit was priced at a level that made it competitive with store bought product.

I bought one.  They shipped it six or so months later.  When it arrived a couple of days ago, I tore off the two tabs on the front and cut a + in the plastic wrap with a clean knife.  Since then, I’ve been spritzing it with a water a couple of times a day using the enclosed spray bottle. As you can see in the pic, it’s sprouted a couple of stalks already.  Very cool.

Upshot, I get to participate in the growth of a business.  The team at Logrocal didn’t have to take out a loan or go to a financier to build their farm.  Second, my family and I get an economical source of very fresh (much fresher than the store) produce.  Thirdly, it’s a cool experience that is really teaching me something about the entire process of mushroom growing.

Win. Win. Win.   

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Discussion — 4 Responses

  • Javier November 6, 2013 on 6:39 pm

    Do you keep it in the dark?

    • John Robb Javier November 8, 2013 on 3:57 am

      I keep it out of direct sunlight. It is sitting on my counter and growing very fast. JR

  • Val November 7, 2013 on 6:59 pm

    This is great! They’re teaching a class here in Austin in a couple weeks for free. I’ll be sure to attend!

  • mike September 25, 2014 on 2:26 am


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